Firm Overview

Weller Equity Partners is a private equity firm based in Louisville, Kentucky, that invests in lower middle-market companies throughout the Mid-South region of the U.S. Weller focuses on companies that have talented and committed management teams and significant growth opportunities. Our mission is to address the capital and liquidity objectives of smaller private companies by providing flexible funding structures and private equity expertise to its owners. The Weller team is committed to producing long-term value in its portfolio companies through a combined 60+ years of broad finance, investment and management experience.

Our investment approach is to make majority or minority equity investments and provide subordinated/convertible debt when appropriate. Transactions include capital for selected companies and entrepreneurs to acquire businesses, liquidity for owners to exit or recapitalize their businesses, and growth equity for plant and equipment purchases and working capital needs.

High quality relationships with our business partners, sponsors, and investors is a core tenet of our operating strategy and provide the foundation for successful outcomes. Weller’s emphasis on developing collaborative partnerships with entrepreneurs, together with the ability to leverage our partners’ experience and access to critical resources, creates an environment in which business owners are able to thrive and realize the maximum potential of their businesses.